Net iD Portal

A comprehensive solution for administration of digital identities

It's just as important for an organization to introduce strong authentication as it is to have an efficient way to manage and administer the users digital identities. It would be normal to assume that the issuance and ongoing management of certificates, smart cards and tokens may be a complex and time consuming task.

Net iD Portal is an easy-to-use web interface designed for the issuance and administration of the users digital identites within your organization.

Reducing the time and effort needed to manage the day-to-day basics using either a self-service solution for end users or can be centrally managed.

A portal for total management of smart cards, certificates and users

The Net iD Portal simplifies the ongoing administration of smart cards, certificates, and end user digital identities. The web-based interface links an organization's underlying IT infrastructure: certificate service, directory service and database of certificates issued in a platform-independent interface.

An organization can issue, activate, unlock, and renew certificates, change security codes and handle advanced certificate management in the portal. Renewing expiring certificates or blocking certificates is just as simple to do.

The service is easily adapted to different issuance scenarios: from a model in which all administration is handled centrally to situations where users can manage their own smart cards and certificate issuance.

Easy workflow for administrators

  • Management of cards and certificates for different carriers.
  • Issuance of certificates.
  • Review and blocking (revocation) all types of certificates. Smart cards, YubiKeys, mobile devices or function certificates.
  • Management of administrator groups.
  • Uploading a card provider list of delivered cards.
  • Audit logs and reports interface including card users, administrators, smart cards and issued and blocked certificates.

Easy workflow for users

  • Activation of smart cards or YubiKey and issuance of user certificates.
  • Enable and issue your mobile certificate Net iD Access.
  • Change security codes for your card och mobile certificate.
  • Unlocking security codes for your card och mobile certificate.
  • Use temporary permissions to administer your colleague's card.



Organizations can integrate the standard portal into their own IT infrastructure or request a customized solution. Net iD Portal is also available as a managed service from selected partners.

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