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Enable mobilty and improve productivity

Organizations today need to mobilize users without compromising on IT security. A comprehensive solution for mobile security means access to business-critical information, data and applications must be possible no matter the type of mobile device.

This entails managing different carriers and administering the issuance of certificates that identify and authorize users with strong two factor authentication based on certificates and PKI.

Secure access on laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices

Net iD Access fully secures your employees access to business-critical information and applications on laptops, smartphones and tablets utilizing your organization’s existing security solution and IT infrastructure.

Integrating support for strong two factor authentication based on certificates and PKI in mobile devices,
Net iD Access uses existing smart cards for login, such as the SITHS electronic employee card.

Working remotely or in a virtual workspace brings end users flexibility and mobility, if they can use their mobile devices securely.

Our solution works just as well with web applications as with mobile applications which leads to improving productivity and making it easier for end users to comply with IT security.

Benefits with Net iD Access

  • Enables certificate-based login with one PIN code from a range of different devices and connection paths.

  • Simple and secure access to business-critical information wherever you are.
  • Integration with existing PKI infrastructure.

  • Management of client app integration needs with card readers, cards, certificates and keys.

  • Lifecycle-managed component with support for iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X.

How it works

Net iD Access offers a complete solution for mobile security with an app for the client side and a server component.

The solution ties together your own service’s client application and server-side login without the need for advanced PKI development.

You choose if you want to handle validation and revocation checking in
Net iD Access Server or on the server side in your services.

All information exchanged between your service server, Net iD Access Server,
and Net iD Access app is secured via encryption.

Net iD Acces for Citrix

Companies and organizations have traditionally used one-time passwords (OTP), SMS or other multifactor solutions to authenticate users from external networks to their internal IT environment. This requires time consuming password management and the end user must apply complex one-time codes when logging in.

Net iD Access enables certificate-based login via mobile application to the internal IT environment improving productivity and compliance.

By using Net iD Access mobile application for athentication, the user get remote access to the internal Citrix environment from any computer using a trusted certificate retained in Net iD Access application.

The solution solves the critical problems faced by any organization with need of strong and flexible authentication to internal resources delivered from Citrix solution.

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