Improve productivity with a fast and simple login

Virtually all companies and organizations today are facing the same dilemma, to enhance security whilst increasing the accessibility, flexibility and mobility of their workforce.

Employees need access to applications and sensitive data no matter the work environment or device used.

The challenge is to make sure that the mobilization of users, applications and data does not expose your organization’s IT environment to security risks.

Focusing on applications, data and people we can help create the right foundation for significantly better IT security with the Net iD product family.

Net iD Enterprise

Everyday we utilize our digital identity to be able to carry out work, use IT and live connected lives. But many people wonder if there is a risk that sensitive data and personal information could end up in the wrong hands. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and identity management add an extra layer of IT security to protect your valuable assets. Net iD Enterprise offers full support for authentication, encryption, and digital signing for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and is one of the IT sector’s strongest and most user-friendly security solutions.

Net iD Portal

Organizations often fear that the issuance and ongoing management of certificates and smart cards is going to be an extremely complex and time consuming task. Net iD Portal is an online tool that simplifies the issue and administration of usesrs digital identities within a portal. Reducing the time and effort needed to manage the day-to-day basics using either a self-service solution for end users or centrally managed.
You can also integrate the standard portal into your IT infrastructure or request a customized solution if you prefer.

Net iD Access

Organizations today need to offer mobility with no compromise to IT security. The challenge is to make sure that the mobilization of users, with access to applications and data does not expose an organization to unwarranted security risks. Give users access to business critical information from all types of mobile devices and make it easier and more secure to administer and manage identities. Improve both user productivity and IT security with strong two factor authentication based on certificates and PKI.
Net iD Access provides an out-of-band authentication mechanism using a secondary verification method through a separate communication channel along with ID and PIN-code.

Net iD Connect for Citrix

Companies and organizations that previously used smart cards to log in to Citrix environments often had to deal with long sign-on times depending on the connection path.
Employees demand quick and easy access to their mobile, cloud and corporate applications.
Working in collaboration with Citrix, Net iD Connect provides users with a fast and secure login with smart cards into your Citrix environment.

Net iD SDK

As an application developer do you want to integrate certifiacte-based security into mobile applications based on Android and iOS to meet your customer's demands?

Net iD SDK (Software Development Kit) provides you with a development tool, rather than a turnkey application.

We want to give you the ools to work around the limitations that still exist for IT security in mobile environments and give you the opportunity to find a solution for maximum mobile security based on certificate and PKI.

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