Seamless login to your internal and
external digital resources

More and more organizations offer their range of e-services, applications and digital platforms through an IDP and federations, all based on trust. With a strong user authentication in combination with an IDP or federation, employees only need to use a single login, single sign-in, to access all their services and digital resources.

Net iD and commonly designed rules for age levels, identity management, authentication and permissions, build solutions that ensure safe, cost-effective and easy access to services both within and between organizations.

Absolutely without insecure passwords, you can easily apply a unified IT security policy that applies to all users, all types of computer devices for all types of cloud-based and local applications. Our products are already used to log in to all the most used services.

For example, School federation, Sambi and Svensk e-identitet. Thanks to open standards like SAML, OpenID Connect and Radius, you can rely on your Net ID investment to be used for other products and services in the area.

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