About SecMaker

SecMaker is a trusted supplier of security solutions based on certificates and PKI.
Our Net iD product family protects and safeguards information, systems and data traffic for more than one million users. SecMaker has attained over 20 years a collection of unique, cutting-edge skills in IT security, authentication and PKI.

The Net iD product family is based on the Net iD Enterprise client software and web portal for administration Net iD Portal, with additional security products for mobility, integration and certificate handling.

Net iD products are based on open standards making our solutions simple to launch and administer regardless of system environment.

Net iD is appreciated by security and IT managers alike for features that provide high security, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. End users of Net iD appreciate it because it supports mobile operations, is easy to use and offers simple and secure workflows.

As a trusted leader in IT security we strive to preserve our independent role and collaborate with many of the leading system platforms, hardware and smart card providers. In this way, we ensure that integration with your IT environment works well.

SecMaker has chosen to take on an active role in the international standardization work around IT security based on certificates and PKI. In this way, we have become a driving force in the future of PKI and certificate based security solutions.

We also have an established partner program for our hosting and integration partners. As knowledge leaders, we gladly share our expertise and experience with our business partners and customers.

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