Växjö Central Hospital, first to have medical records on tablets

The pilot started in the spring and has now become reality. The paediatric department at the Central Hospital in Växjö is the first in Sweden to keep medical records on iPads.

Photo: Urban Nilsson

Healthcare staff need quick and easy access to patient records and information about medicines when on the move.

At the same time, information about patients' state of health, medication and treatment is of a sensitive nature. It is therefore important that the IT environment facilitates flexible work, without lowering standards of patient security.

When the digital systems are adapted for the end users, it contributes to a better environment for IT work, which helps healthcare staff to follow the security policy, work more effectively and lower the stress level.

The paediatric department at the Central Hospital in Växjö is first in Sweden to introduce tablets for mobile record keeping. Together, Cosmic Nova and Net iD Access mobile app give staff simple and secure access to all information required about their patients. The work is made more flexible and simpler thanks to the right information being available where it is needed, on both computer and tablet.

"Our work has become more flexible and simpler to plan. We also get more time together with our patients as record keeping doesn't take as long", says Jonna Kytömäki, children's nurse.

The plan now is to continue to implement the solution live in more departments. The hope is to introduce the solution throughout Region Kronoberg.

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